Neuer Bio und Gemüseladen

am östlichen Ortsausgang von Lagos.

Das hat Jeannette gepostet, ich werde ihn bestimmt einmal besuchen:

Hello everyone


for those of you who don't know  about this place: per chance I came across today's opening opening of Bio Sabor - a new veggie/fruit/plant/local products place which is now situated in the old garden centre opposite the Aerodrome and just past the BP petrol station as you leave Lagos towards Chinicato. I was delighted about my find!


Beautifully presented produce (from the family that has the herb van and big stand in the Farmer's market each week) slightly cheaper or same price as at the market. Don't think it's certified organic, but veggies and herbs are locally grown and I definitely liked the look of the produce. The whole thing is presented very nicely, a broad variety (including big bags of Mizuna leaves for €1.20) of vegetables, about 5 different types of tomatoes (including stripey yellow red ones and black and red ones) as well as mushrooms - huge Shiitake! - plus marinading olives in big old fashioned glass jars plus small bottles of everything preserved: olive oil, garlic, chillies etc.


I think this kind of effort deserves all the support it can get,  hence my email, and whilst I will still support the local farmers' market, this is a great place to visit coming in or out of Lagos - plus they have plants.



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